Chimp Club Docs
Chimp Club Docs

Chimp Club Docs

Chimp Club is a collection of 10,000 handcrafted and randomly assembled Chimps living on the Ethereum blockchain.

Chimp Club is home to a wide variety of personalities, from creators, hackers and degens to boomers and zoomers, Chimps are fitted with hundreds of sick traits to match your vibe. Holding a Chimp allows you to take part in coordinating the Club's treasury, development and its future direction. If you have yet to find your place in the metaverse, drop by and chimp-in!

Minting now at Chimp.Club Mint Price: 0.05 ETH All 10,000 memberships are non-fungible and represent a stake in the Club.


We will bootstrap the Chimp Club's treasury liquidity with an allocation of 100 ETH post mint.

Club Membership Details

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Smart Contract address - 0x89d0F4F3B3173F4e47CCf64b5d03D982e2dd6387

🔊 chimp-in

phrasal verb of chimp

  1. contribute something as one's share of a joint activity, cost, etc.
  2. "Rollie chimpped-in with nine saves and five wins"

    Similar: contribute | donate | give | hand over

  3. INFORMAL to fomo invest in small quantities because you are illiquid
  4. "Rollie chimpped-in on $SHIB and made generational wealth"

    Similar: ape-in | fomo | yolo | degen

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